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Classes & Timetables

Quality dance lessons

    Born To Dance, dance classes

    Mummy & Me

    This 30 minute class introduces your child to dance, teaching them co-ordination, motor skills and rhythm. This class will encourage their imagination and love of dance and remember it's Mummy & Me so you'll be enjoying the fun and excitement of this class too!

    Quality dance lessons

    Kinder Ballet & Jazz

    These 30 minute classes will continue to build your child's co-ordination, motor skills and rhythm. Kinder Ballet is classically based introducing your child to the basic elements of ballet. Kinder Jazz focuses more on the foundations of jazz set to upbeat and fun music!

    professional dance instructors

    Classical Ballet (R.A.D)

    Classical Ballet taught through the internationally renowned Royal Academy of Dance will provide your child with the basis of technique required for most forms of dance. Classical Ballet will help teach posture, poise and discipline, as well as rhythm and musicality.

    Quality dance lessons


    Beginners to advanced in all styles of jazz including modern, hip hop and funk.

    professional dance instructors


    A fusion of both Classical Ballet and Jazz, Contemporary classes will further develop your child's strength, flexibility and technique.

    professional dance instructors


    Juniors to Advanced commercial styles including neo-classical, slow modern, cabaret, jazz, tap. Helping to prepare our students for the professional world of dance.

    professional dance instructors


    Beginners to Advanced learning strong technique in all different genres of tap.

    Term Dates & Timetables

    Nerang Studio - Term Dates 2016

    Term 1: Monday 23rd January - Saturday 1st April

    Term 2: Tuesday 18th April - Saturday 24th June

    Term 3: Monday 10th July - Saturday 16th September

    Term 4: Monday 2nd October - Saturday 9th December

    Nerang - Time Schedule
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